track Qs & tires

Tessie McMillan
Fri, 9 May 2003 14:26:13 -0700 (PDT)

For those of you who are not yet bored with this thread &:-):
OK, so Michelle with addco does have an AR (f&R) for an 80Q. But before I
got hold of her, here is the decision tree I went through:
	I decided my weak point was probably my old Boge struts, even
though I have lowering springs. So I decided to upgrade to Koni sport
(yellow). I could either do a new spring, or add a front AR bar. Well,
since you have to take the springs out to put on the shocks, and since I
eventually want to put coilovers on anyway, I thought why not just upgrade
my springs now too. The labor is expensive whichever way you do it. So
I'll wait on the AR bar. If anyone wants info, you can get a bar
from Addco, or 2Bennett will rework the OEM 80Q AR bar -- according to
them, it is not the bar stiffness but the attachment that is the weak
point. So they widen (wing) the  bar and change the way it attaches.

New suspension should help with tire wear! And I'll report back on
progress (ordering a 340 front 315 rear spring from 2Bennett).

But I did get one additional recommendation on tires (this is in addition
to Michelin Pilot Sport Cup, Falken Azenis, Kumho Victoracer, Hoosier,
and Kumho v700): that is Toyo Proxes RA1. Here in Seattle area they only
sell 'em at Les Schwab (the Falkens, btw, are only at Sears). Does anyone
support the Toyo recommendation?