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Fri, 09 May 2003 19:47:18 -0400

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> sell 'em at Les Schwab (the Falkens, btw, are only at
> Sears). Does anyone
> support the Toyo recommendation?

We use the Pilot sport cups in the dry, and the Toyos in the wet.  They're =
ok.  The have too much tread to be a serious track tire.  No one uses them =
in club racing.  They might be ok for what you're doing, but the Cups are t=
he same price and will last longer, no doubt.  The Victoracers are cheap, a=
nd show - they aren't great as a long term track tire.  The Hoosiers are aw=
esome the first ten times you use them (ten heat cycles, that is), then qui=
ckly degrade.  The V700 is the Victoracer, I believe...there is also still =
the A032R and a newer relative of it, but overall the Yokohamas don't have =
the grip of the other tires.