track Qs & tires
Fri, 09 May 2003 19:51:09 -0400

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> Iain(only driven on them a few times, remind me of a
> Yokohama
> A008R/RS2)

Never, never put the A008RS down.  They were undoubtedly the best track tir=
es that I've ever seen.  Long lasting, lots of grip and extremely dependabl=
e=2E  The only problem that I had with them is that with the GT you could o=
verheat the front tires over a long session, and then you needed to back do=
wn.  I even ran with those tires, nearly in slick form, in the rain.  I was=
 lapping every other car, and no one could believe it!  Phenominal tires, w=
ish they still made them...the A032R was a weak replacement.