Will a 5ktq flywheel/clutch fit a CGT?

qshipaz@juno.com qshipaz@juno.com
Sat, 10 May 2003 02:04:43 GMT

As the now daily driven CGT makes its way back to full strength, I was curi=
ous about something: Since I have a GT with throwout bearing noise and a st=
iff clutch pedal, and I have a freshly resurfaced 5ktq flywheel with  new c=
lutch kit gathering dust (project taking a back seat to the GT resurrection=
), will the two be possible to combine? I have heard that the clutch disc i=
s bigger on a TQ... I guess I'd just like feedback from anyone who's tried =
it, before I order a second clutch kit from TPC.

'86 CGT (with new Sony tunes- I know the *radio* fits!)
'91 200q

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