V8 doesn't start after new timing belt

cobram@juno.com cobram@juno.com
Mon, 12 May 2003 20:34:42 -0400

Let me take a wild guess here....the shop did not use the cam locking
tools, or the correct crankshaft holding tool.  The shop stuck a big ole
screwdriver or some such "tool" in the back of the engine to hold the
crankcase by the flex plate.  IF they did this, you can bet they broke
the timing reference pin(s) on the flywheel.  Ask the shop exactly HOW
they kept the motor from turning while doing the job, IF they did indeed
break the reference pins or break some flywheel teeth, take it somewhere
they know what they're doing and make sure the monkey lad shop pays for

The hall sender on the distributor will not keep it from starting or
running, there is a default in the V8Q ECU, car starts and runs fine with
the hall sender disconnected or not functioning.

I hope I'm wrong on this one.


Zsolt <zsolt1@telusplanet.net> writes:
> I am wondering if anyone experienced something similar...
> I actually sold my car, which needed to have the timing belt done.
> It's a 90 V8, with the 3.6 engine. They took the car to the shop to
> the belt changed and now it won't start.
> Apparently there is no spark. They replaced a few ignition parts,
> but no luck. They also claim that they cannot read the codes, although
> never had a problem with that before and the car has always started
> I am concerned that the shop managed to screw up the timing belt and
> is why it won't start, but of course, that is something they would
> never admit to.

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