Results of CGT Exhaust Experiment

Christo Atanasov
Tue, 13 May 2003 16:00:34 +0300

about 1.5 month ago I replace my middle muffler with straight 2.25" pipe -
result not little bit louder.. it is realy LOUDER :))
now at WOT it sounds like.. I don't know like what it sounds.. but 2 or 3
times some guys run a cross street when I accelerate :)
It's fun, but when I see police patrul it's necessary to release gas peal ;)
Now I'm thinking about replace this pipe with 3" pipe.. I think maybe it'll
get more quiet.
about the revs - definately better with more power at high RPM.
If I replace 2.25" pipe with 3" I'll post some words about result.


'85 2.2i Quattro Coupe

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Subject: Results of CGT Exhaust Experiment

> Patient: 1987.5 CGT (NG engine otherwise stock). Proceidure: Cut out bad
center muffer, replace with traditional glasspack. The rear muffler was
already removed and replaced with pipe a while back. So now the only
silencer is a glasspack.
> Results: FANTASTIC! Nice LOW rumble under 3,000 RPM, sounds like a
screaming banche at higher RPMs at WOT. At highway cruising speeds, it is
only somewhat intrusive, but not to the point of annoying me or people in
surrounding cars. I did make a guy in a 5.0 look over to see what the noise
was (was reving out at WOT). Also I noticed that the engine seems more
willing to rev out. Before there seemed to be no real reason to rev past
5,000 RPMs. The engine just didn't seem to make any more power, just noise,
beyond that point. Now, it revs much easier and seems to actually be making
power up to 6,000 (have never pushed it past 6,000).
> The tone is perfect IMHO, but I would ultimately like to find a way to
keep the same tone but lower the decibles. This exhaust project was
"temporary" as I'm quite sure the whole system will need replacing in the
next 6 months. The long term plan is to do a 2.5" cat back system, with
glasspack AND rear muffler. I would think that by having the glasspack as
the "resonator" and a traditional (high-flow?) rear muffer I should be able
to keep the tone about the same, just quieter. Or at least that's what I
hope will happen. Anybody care to comment on my plan?