Timing Belt Change and non interference engine

David duandcc_forums@cox.net
Tue, 13 May 2003 9:12:26 -0400

On a non-interferance engine, there is no down side except you'll get stuck=
, but... YOUR NG IS AN INTERFERANCE ENGINE!  I saw in you e-mail address yo=
u have an 80q, right? That has a 2.3 NG in it (same as in my CGT)...and fro=
m what I've been told it IS an interferance engine, at least at higher RPMs=
. last thing you want is valves and pistons cmeeting up...

1987 CGT Special Build 2.3
SE Virginia

> From: "80q" <80q@jp77.com>
> Date: 2003/05/13 Tue AM 08:32:42 EDT
> To: <quattro@audifans.com>
> Subject: Timing Belt Change and non interference engine
> What is the benefit of changing the timing belt on a non-interference eng=
ine other than not getting stuck in the middle of nowhere??
> My mechanic actually told me to wait until it breaks and just do it then.
> Is it time to get a new mechanic ??
> Thank you.
> Jeff