Results of CGT Exhaust Experiment

Tue, 13 May 2003 12:40:42 -0400

While it IS loud, it is still nothing compared to the r1ce-boy exhausts aro=
und here. I would compare the sound level to that of a stock Mustang 5.0 or=
 maybe a 5.0 with flowmasters... And I do intend on queting it down in the =
future. My plan is: cat...2.5" piping...glasspack...2.5" piping...high-flow=
 rear muffler...2.5" piping...single or dual tips. Hopefully this will allo=
w me to keep the tone but reduce the levels.

1987 CGT Special Build 2.3
SE Virginia

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> Date: 2003/05/13 Tue PM 12:12:15 EDT
> To: (David),
> Subject: Re: Results of CGT Exhaust Experiment
> Hey David, though you say the results are fantastic, we need to quality y=
our experience.  I'd say for 95% of the people out there your car is waayy =
too loud, one glasspack isn't much quieter than a straight pipe.  I will ge=
t you a ticket in most cities, especially in CA.  Throw an additional stria=
ght thru muffler like a Borla or similar and you'll probably be in the ball=
 park of what most would consider reasonable.  The NA car are just loud, on=
 my 80tq its quite civilized with only one 3" Borla on it (and a 3" cat), I=
 actually wish it was louder sometimes, but still its not quiet by any mean=
> Javad
> >Patient: 1987.5 CGT (NG engine otherwise stock). Proceidure: Cut out bad=
 center muffer, replace with traditional glasspack. The rear muffler was al=
ready removed and replaced with pipe a while back. So now the only silencer=
 is a glasspack.
> >
> >Results: FANTASTIC! Nice LOW rumble under 3,000 RPM, sounds like a screa=
ming banche at higher RPMs at WOT. At highway cruising speeds, it is only s=
omewhat intrusive, but not to the point of annoying me or people in surroun=
ding cars. I did make a guy in a 5.0 look over to see what the noise was (w=
as reving out at WOT). Also I noticed that the engine seems more willing to=
 rev out. Before there seemed to be no real reason to rev past 5,000 RPMs. =
The engine just didn't seem to make any more power, just noise, beyond that=
 point. Now, it revs much easier and seems to actually be making power up t=
o 6,000 (have never pushed it past 6,000).
> >
> >The tone is perfect IMHO, but I would ultimately like to find a way to k=
eep the same tone but lower the decibles. This exhaust project was "tempora=
ry" as I'm quite sure the whole system will need replacing in the next 6 mo=
nths. The long term plan is to do a 2.5" cat back system, with glasspack AN=
D rear muffler. I would think that by having the glasspack as the "resonato=
r" and a traditional (high-flow?) rear muffer I should be able to keep the =
tone about the same, just quieter. Or at least that's what I hope will happ=
en. Anybody care to comment on my plan?
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