[s-cars] Avant Tailgate Trim Removal Instructions

Steve Marinello smarinello@charter.net
Tue, 13 May 2003 14:24:34 -0500

Mine got destroyed when they replaced the hatch, but I let it go because a
maybe-lister agreed to sell me his intact trim from his wreck.
Unfortunately, that deal vaporized and the creaks and falling screws and
assorted pieces attest to the incompetence of the body shop guy who did the

Anyone price the full set lately for a good gasp?  You quickly remember that
these things are $50k plus cars.


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If anyone finds an "affordable" source for new interior liftgate trim, let
me know.  Mine is cracked in many places (most likely from someone removing
it that didn't know what they were doing)... and it rattles and creaks like
crazy now.  Would like to replace it, but besides taking out a second
mortgage, it doesn't seem practical.


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I wish I had this for the joker who tried to replace my rear glass.
I told him it would be a pain and he said "he had done allot of them -
dont worry"
So now some of the trim mounts are cracked and he simply said "they were
already broken"
If you really want it done right - do it yourself

Christopher Gharibo wrote:

>I'd like to contribute the following piece to the Avant owners out there.
>The tailgate trim on the Avant is absolutely the most sinister piece of
>interior trim I have ever removed. It is simply evil. I=E2=80=99d like to
>the following explanation to the Avant owners. Take my word, and archive
>following description. Otherwise, you will most likely break various parts
>your tailgate trim if you ever need to go in there. TRUST ME!!!
>First remove the two screws holding the two hooks for the sun screen. Then
>unsnap the top middle piece in four locations. Unsnap L and R side plastic
>pieces by pulling the trim pieces towards center.
>Remove the 2 black screws underneath the latch and one screw on each side
>the bottom panel. Pop out the secret flap type compartments on the lateral
>parts of the carpeted section with a flat screw driver. These hidden
>compartments correspond to area behind each taillight. Unscrew one HIDDEN
>screw behind each secret panel.
>Now, at the bottom of the handle trim below the torx screws are two very
>holes. Find a thin long object like a nail and push in to the two holes. (I
>told you this was evil). When you've pushed them down far enough the handle
>trim will simply separate from the tailgate trim. YOU DO NOT NEED TO TAKE
>Now careful pulling in different sections top and bottom should free up the
>whole thing. You can also reach in and pinch the inner portion of the clamp
>while pulling that portion of the panel out. The whole thing falls right in
>your hands.
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