my engine went kaboom! no more car

Huw Powell
Fri, 16 May 2003 01:51:28 -0400

> well... the other day my 90tq died a sad death.
> the engine started ticking, on top of the normal lifter ticks, really really loud.
> ie. (small ticks are lifter noise) tick tick tick tick tick tick TICK tick tick tick tick TICK
> at the same time these new loud ticks started the knock light came on at 2500-3000 rpm, the
> engine started to shake and lose power. i slowed down to check it and it then blew an oil line.
> the oil lines were earls adapters rated to 150psi i think...
> put the line back on, filled it with oil and nothing.
> it holds oil still so i dont think it dropped a cylinder.. maybe a bent valve?

I saved this to chime in... I think you lost oil pressure there.  Either
  a serious clog, or something blew out a seal and let all the oil
bypass the head or block.  That created friction, that made heat, that
made it knock... and the little ticks were probably valve lifter clatter
as they lost oil pressure.

Blew an oil line, eh?  So the clog could have been in the oil cooler or
turbo?  Aren't they in parallel with the rest of the system?

> when i try to start it it goes WROOOOOO WROOO WROOOOO WROOO really slowly.
> it doesnt sound like its not getting fuel or air... its an internal problem im sure.

That sounds like an engine that was run without oil a bit too long.

Huw Powell