A/C clutch removal tool source is needed

Konstantin Bogach konstantin.bogach@morganstanley.com
Fri, 16 May 2003 09:53:33 -0400

Greate idea, Huw!   But,  where can  you find M24 bolt made of material which
will not make the drilling a supertask?


Huw Powell wrote:

> > According to Bentley it is VW 1623.  Zelenda's man said that he does not
> > have such tool.  A/C places offer tool sets  but they are expensive and
> > I need only the clutch puller as I made seal remover.   Anybody has
> > source for it?   It is very simple.  Maybe someone found source for
> > parts it can be made of.   The puller basicly is M22 or M24 externally
> > threaded piece with coaxial internal thread for bolt of arbitrary size.
> Sounds like the way to make it is to get a nice M22 or M24 bolt with the
> right threads, and drill a hole in the center and tap it for a bolt of
> your choice.
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