Cincinnati area Audi gathering

Mon, 19 May 2003 15:23:28 -0400

Hello all:

I would like to see if any of the listers in the Cincinnati surrounding area
(Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky or wherever) would be interested in getting
together for an outing in the near future.  This past Saturday afternoon, I
went to an indoor go-kart track not far from Cincinnati and had a blast with
some friends from the autocross circuit.  At the same time, I thought it
would be fun to get a group of q-listers together for a similar outing.  The
MR2 club was coming in just as we were leaving and it looked like they had
quite a group...

The karts are 9 hp Honda's (sorry, they aren't quattro though)  on a large
indoor track... top speed is around 30-35 mph (pretty fast, really) and lap
times are around 25 seconds.  There can be up to 8 karts on the track at
once and sessions are 10 minutes...the driving is intense and there's plenty
of opportunity for passing and such.  In addition, there are casino's and
restaurants right near the track, so it'd be possible to do something
afterwards as well.  Should be a great opportunity to put some names with
faces, discuss some projects and have some fun...

Drop me a line if you'd be interested... I know that at least Greg Roa would
be there with his 4kq and I'd bring out the 4ktq as well...Let me know.


86 4ktq
81 Coupe ITB, 83 CGT
88 80 Fwd
83 GTI FSP, 83 GTI 16V
90 VW Cabriolet