Vikings (NAC)

Jim Haseltine
Mon, 19 May 2003 23:05:25 +0100

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> > 1042, with the battle of Hastings?
> 1066... when England became French instead of Vikish?

Two battles in 1066.
The first on September 25 was at Stamford Bridge east of York in the North
of England, fought  between an English army led by King Harold Godwinsson
and a Viking army led by the King of Norway Harald Hardraada and Tostig
Godwinsson (Harold's brother).

The second on October 14 at Hastings on the south coast of England between
the remains of the same English army and a Norman army led by Duke William.

Although the Normans came from France, that area had been populated some 150
years earlier by Danish Vikings who had originally settled in England.

This meant that the Saxon population of England (most of whom were descended
from Danish Vikings) were defeated by Normans (who were also descended from
Danish Vikings), so England went from being Viking to being - Viking.

Try explaining that to your kids when all they get taught at school is "The
Norman Conquest" and a story about arrows and eyes.


Jim Haseltine