Yes Master, Good Slave, temp sensitive clutch problems
Tue, 20 May 2003 13:09:27 EDT

> The Patient is an 88 5ktq.  After receiving a new slave last year, the peda=
>  l still often needs to be pulled halfway off the floor between every
>    When it is cool in the morning, the clutch operates fine, but yesterday
>  hen the temperature rose above 80F degrees, I just about lost my pedal.
>  ople have been saying that I should replace my master cylinder, but it
>  n't leak.  Is there a chance that it could be the hose that connects the
>  ave to the master (bondage?)?  Or is it just that my master is so shot
>   there is massive blowby whenever things get warm??

I have a very similar situation but its opposite.  Its very intermittent
problem.  Sometimes when i depress the clutch all i feel is a "freeplay"
clutch with no resistance.  Then i cannot get into gear at all its as if the
release lever isnt moving.  Most times when i depress the clutch the system
works fine.  Any ideas?