How to get oil press gauge in your CGT (5 minutes!)
Tue, 20 May 2003 21:33:22 GMT

Noticed that you said there's no oil pressure gauge in your Coupe... you mu=
st have a digidash car like mine (was).

If you have a three-gauge panel from an earlier Coupe (my boneyard charged =
$8), relief is five minutes away. Didja know that every Coupe has the same =
console harness?

I can't remember the exact plugs I used down there, but basically, unplug t=
he digital gauges, and use the disused connectors. They are color coded. Wh=
en all the plugs protruding from the gauge cluster are connected to their m=
ates, you will have a working, OEM Audi, oil temp, pressure, and volts read=

Now, if you wish to do what I did and make the main cluster analog, that wi=
ll be a bit more involved. (I still don't have a fuel gauge!) but it's real=
ly not too bad...


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