Rear brake upgrade on a 1988 5K CST to 20V vented rotors:is it worthy?

Konstantin Bogach
Tue, 20 May 2003 17:38:02 -0400

I recently did complete overhaul of brake system on my 200tqa '89  (rebuit all 4
calipers,  disassembled/cleaned and adjusted proportioning valve,  new 4 rotors and
pads of course,  new bomb, master cylinder a year before)  and brakes were not good
enough until I replaced dead bomb.  I was surprised by its effect on brakes'
perfomance.  Now it is very good.
So,  check your bomb as well.


> I'm considering an upgrade of my rear brakes from the standard solid
> rear discs to calipers and vented rotors from the 1990 20V or V8 and a
> master cylinder from an Avant.  I don't race, I really don't even drive
> very fast, but I have never been happy the way this car's brakes have
> performed.  My main goal is to stay out of someone else's trunk during
> rush hour or avoid cars that pull out in front of me. I have replaced
> the pads, flushed the fluid and replaced the master cylinder.  I have
> decent stopping power, but not as good as other cars I've had.  Thanks
> in advance for the input.