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Yoder, Doug yoderw@msoe.edu
Tue, 20 May 2003 21:41:54 -0500

The website in question is Russ Knize's oil filter study site.  He had
it up for a while, then disappeared for a while.  It can now be found at

He has an email from a former FRAM employee... quite interesting!


Fred Munro wrote:

> Hi Javad;
> There was a website up a couple of years ago in which a chap had
> disassembled most available oil filters and looked at construction, length
> of filter media, number of pleats, etc. It was most illuminating, given that
> he noted there were only a few manufacturers despite the many brand names
> out there. His site informed the reader how to ID the filters from the
> different manufactures in spite of the brand name.
> Which filter was the worst? Our orange buddy - they use glued cardboard
> headers on the end of the media, no wonder they fall apart.
> Guess who threatened to sue and made him take his site down?
> As I recall, he identified AC Delco and Bosch as superior filters.
> His site may be back up - I ran across something similar a few months ago.
> If you can find it, it's well worth the read.
> Fred Munro
> '94 S4 (only dealer filters on the Audi & AC Delco on everything else)
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> Wow, so the filter media just came apart?  Unbelievable, I've never seen
> anything like that.  Does Fram make a post oil-filter filter??  ;)
> Javad
>>I noticed when changing the filter that the filter media had collapsed and
> was torn and protruding from the housing. Over the next two weeks I noticed
> increased lifter noise. Then one fatefull day I got the low oil pressure
> warning light accompanied by a sharp increase in lifter noise. BTW no oil
> pressure gage on the '87 CGT (a design flaw soon to be remadied).
>>I dismantled the engine and found filter media packed in behind the
> anti-drain check valve in the oil galley to the head. All other passages
> were clear. Final damage assesment; Minimal. But I did source a recently
> worked NG head at a reasonable price. So; in it goes.
>>Can you guys who've had failures explain exactly what
>>happend to the filter=
>>, what appeared to fail, how so, etc.

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