better rear brakes
Fri, 23 May 2003 12:18:08 -0400

Ditton on the Hawk HPS, I run the on the street and at the track in my 13" =
big reds (no, not stock, GHASP!)


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>Subject: RE: better rear brakes
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>Without commenting on the stuff about rear brakes, your comments
>on brake pads are, IMHO, off-base.
>One major consideration of a car manufacturer is cost- if ATE can
>make a pad for the application at a low cost compared to some other
>manufacturers while still fulfilling the manufacturer's specifications,
>they'll get the contract.
>Some (but not all) aftermarket pads far exceed OEM specs but usually
>at a significantly greater cost. That said, I am an advocate of using
>better brake pads. IME, aftermarket pads are not necessarily "grabby"
>by any means- I'm very happy with Hawk HPS for street/light track use,
>far better than OEM ATE pads in every regard save cost. I'm also quite
>happy w/ using Mintex Red Box pads in pure street applications because
>their performance IME has been comparable to OEM while producing far
>less brake dust.
>I need to get a new set of Hawk HPS because the OEM Textars are pitting
>and destroying my wheels as I write this.