better rear brakes

Richard Hoffman
Fri, 23 May 2003 12:57:07 -0700

Thought I would comment, add some input (FWIW) on the Axxis/Repco/PBR Deluxe
Organics in a G60-equipped application (90 CQ) Thoughts below!
Virtually no dust!  Very easy on my rotors as well, must be lower metallic
content than stock since I have gone 60,000 miles on the same set and still
have considerable pad left.  Comparo - 97 A6 Avant, 100% stock goes through
a set of pads AND rotors every 45,000.
I have been 95% happy with these brakes for street use - they bite well in
all conditions without being too grippy.   Very quiet as well!
The missing 5% is from a panic stop situation (90-0, don't ask) where I
experienced "hard pedal fade" wherein the pedal was still stiff and the car
just stopped slowing down!  I attribute this to pad outgassing.  Upon
stopping and getting out of the car, the "cooked-brakes" smell was very
prominent. I use flat-face ATE rotors.  Might a slotted or drilled rotor
prevented this?  Perhaps, but I find fault in the pads.  A flat-face rotor
should be more than enough to stop the car once from 90-0 with adequate
pads. For the record, I had adequate pad and rotor material as well as
fairly fresh (6 months old) DOT 4 fluid.
Would I consider them again?  Yes, but I know their limitations now.
My next set shall be Mintex Red Box.
Comparo: slightly less initial bite than the Deluxe, but as they warm up
they quickly become more grippy.  A little noisier overall (but then, I
drove them on a car with slotted rotors as well) and still very low dust. I
can't comment on panic stops since I don't have that experience and hope I
never need it!
Hope this helps!
1990 CQ 219k
1970 100LS 2-dr 46k

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> Another (inexpensive!) brake pad with better than
> OEM performance (greater stopping force, low fade
> in STREET applications, at least for a T44, don't
> know about lighter cars, VERY low dust, excellent
> modulation) is the REPCO/Axiss Deluxe (NOT MetalMasters).
> I got this tip from now apparently occasional
> poster Fred Smith (a.k.a. Smitty), and I've been
> quite happy with the results. In fact, due to an
> availibility problem, I ended up with ATE OEM
> on the rear of my 200Q, and my REAR wheels are the
> ones with the dust problem, not the front.
> LL - NY
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> Brett-
> Without commenting on the stuff about rear brakes, your comments
> on brake pads are, IMHO, off-base.
> One major consideration of a car manufacturer is cost- if ATE can
> make a pad for the application at a low cost compared to some other
> manufacturers while still fulfilling the manufacturer's specifications,
> they'll get the contract.
> Some (but not all) aftermarket pads far exceed OEM specs but usually
> at a significantly greater cost. That said, I am an advocate of using
> better brake pads. IME, aftermarket pads are not necessarily "grabby"
> by any means- I'm very happy with Hawk HPS for street/light track use,
> far better than OEM ATE pads in every regard save cost. I'm also quite
> happy w/ using Mintex Red Box pads in pure street applications because
> their performance IME has been comparable to OEM while producing far
> less brake dust.
> I need to get a new set of Hawk HPS because the OEM Textars are pitting
> and destroying my wheels as I write this.
> Taka