UrQ Lehmann ECU specs?

Brady Moffatt bradym@sympatico.ca
Fri, 23 May 2003 16:20:22 -0400

Hi All,

Apparently I have a Lehmann ECU and WG spring along with a SQ WG diaphragm
in my 83 urq.

Does anyone know how much boost I'm supposed to make?

The stock gauge shows 1.9ish max, but its rest position, when the engine is
not running, is noticeably below 1 bar. I don't hold much value in what that
gauge says anyways...

Any ideas?

Brady Moffatt
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
83 UrQuattro with 52,000 miles
86 4ksq with 310,000km
86 4ksq parts car
72 Datsun 240Z with 180,000 miles
92 VW Golf with 200,000km FOR SALE
in middle stages of quattrosis accumulatus

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