4k H1/H4 and side markers

Eric ees@mindspring.com
Fri, 23 May 2003 19:27:15 -0400

Thanks for all the suggestions.  I am going to start on the project this
weekend.  I had already planned to use Huw's wiring diagram for city
lights.  Also next week I will get the parts on order to do the side
markers.  On my commute to work I have a tight intersection where I have
to turn about 120=B0 to the left.  Aside from being murder on my front
tires as it is a full lock turn the cars off to the left can never see
that I have my turn signal on.  It looks like this side marker thing
would be a big help for that also.

Thanks again


Eric wrote:

> My set of H1/H4 lights for my 4k arrived on Monday.  Of course I chose
> the time when the dollar was horrible against the euro, but I have them
> now.  Here is my question.  I see a lot of pictures of H1/H4 on 4000s
> without any additional side markers.  Has anyone had trouble with state
> inspections?  Has anyone come up with an alternative that looks OEM?  If
> so do you have pictures?
> Thanks
> Eric
> '85 4k  -- still over driving my headlights at 40 mph