not the timing belt update
Fri, 23 May 2003 20:27:55 EDT

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Hi All,
Turned out to be the hall sensor. Found its easier and less expensive to get
a used distributor with a working hall sensor than to get a new hall sensor.
Thanks to Chris from Force 5 I now have a used dist. installed and the car
fired to life as usual on the first crank.
 I installed the dist the same way the old one came out. I have a Bentley
borrowed from a friend  and I've followed the basic timing adjustment
  When I have the mark(dimple) on the camshaft sprocket alligned on the
gasket, I look in the dist and the rotor is opposite, 180 deg from the notch on the
housing. I've tried to rotate the engine to see if it will line up in the
after the rotation, it doesn't. Do I need to pull the dist again after setting up
the mark from the sprocket on the vc gasket?