turbo spool-up differences

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Sat, 24 May 2003 00:27:29 EDT

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Are you both running the same bottom end?


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> Hi All,
> It's good and it's bad to have a friend with another urq. We end up
> comparing a lot....
> Louis-Alain's and mine are both early 83's, with K26 turbos.
> Mine has a Lehmann ECU and WG spring as well as a SQ diaphragm. His is
> stock.
> Mine has no cat at all and his is hollowed out. Otherwise, the exhausts
> appear to be identical.
> Stock intakes on both cars.
> Mine has a Blitz BOV (I know, I know, bad thing...) His does not.
> Here's the weirdness: Louis-Alain's makes boost WAY faster, but mine pulls
> much harder when it does build boost.
> I would have thought that with a BOV I should build boost faster after a
> shift, and that in 1st gear there should be no difference. That's obviously
> not the case. If I had a boost leak, that would explain slow spool-up, or
> more accurately, slow onset of boost. But, wouldn't I take a hit on maximum
> total boost with a leak? It almost seems as if he has a K24 or I have a K27
> or something huge.
> I'm now happy with the power my car makes, but I'm wondering if I can also
> have the quick (well, I suppose it's all relative) spool-up of a stock K26
> setup.
> Cheers,
> Brady Moffatt
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