audi coupe quattro tubi turbo?
Sat, 24 May 2003 07:53:20 EDT

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An audi V8 engine "will fit" but there are certainly some pitfalls like
radiator mounting and engien mounting .. if you haev a torch and a welder you can
probably accomplish anything...

Mentioning of a wrecked S6, I got one....


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> desmond auld wrote:
> > That's why a new s4 wouldn't interest me in the same way.  Also I
> > couldn't fund it.
> I probably shouldn't be jumping in here, but opinions are what
> you asked for... If funds are an issue, then a early 90s coupe,
> son-of-urQ, might fit the bill while preserving an urQ for the
> purists (but pissing off the Coupe fans).  The entry fee for an
> urQ would be more than the Coupe.
> Don't undersell the I-5. It is built like a bomb shelter. I've
> run mine out of oil 3 times now (blow oil cooler line each
> time), and it's still running strong at 233K miles. I've heard
> reports that it can take the boost. I don't doubt them.
> If it is ultimate power and speed you are looking for, try
> dropping a 4.2L V8 with twin turbos into a coupe. "If more
> is better, then too much is just right." You may have trouble
> making it all fit, but it would boogie. You can probably get
> what you need off a new wrecked S6. And I suspect that
> parts for this are more readily available in Germany.
> HTH,
> Kent
> '89 200 TQ, "Bad Puppy"