[audi20v] is there any benefit to removing my AC?

ScottyCBoy@aol.com ScottyCBoy@aol.com
Sat, 24 May 2003 21:43:02 EDT

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>  have seen some of the cars that are fairly modded and there AC's are gone,
> so its pretty much just weight reducer, but i didnt think it weighed that
> much.
> so actually how much is it?  100 lbs?
> thanks
> dustin

Compressor weighs about 20 pounds condensor another 12-15 hoses probably 10..
I think there was a thread about a total of 70 something pounds was saved by
ditching the AC. That is probably worth about .5 horsepower. The only
advantage is you are removing some weight ahead of the front tires...Which moves your
weight distribution towards the rear...