[audi20v] is there any benefit to removing my AC?

Richard Hoffman billzcat1@hotmail.com
Sat, 24 May 2003 20:19:23 -0700

Well...I personally would consider a 70 lb reduction a considerable step in
the right direction!  Assuming A)one never uses A/C, and B)one is
ecologically friendly in disposing of any remaining freon , I think it is a
modification worth considering!  ESPECIALLY since that weight is distributed
in the nose of the car.   Of course, it would take some serious reduction in
creature comforts to make a serious impact in the overall weight of the car,
more than I would be willing to compromise on unless I was building a
dedicated race car.

I've heard that every 10 lbs is like a 1 hp gain, but I'm not sure the
validity of that claim.

I say go for it!  Make sure you have the freon professionally disposed of
first before you start pulling lines and condensor, etc.  If you never use
it, you'll never miss it!

1990 CQ 220k A/C broken, still in place
1970 100LS 2-dr 46k dealer-installed aftermarket A/C, probably broken
(hasn't been warm enough to test!)

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> >  have seen some of the cars that are fairly modded and there AC's are
> > so its pretty much just weight reducer, but i didnt think it weighed
> > much.
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> > so actually how much is it?  100 lbs?
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> > thanks
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> > dustin
> Compressor weighs about 20 pounds condensor another 12-15 hoses probably
> I think there was a thread about a total of 70 something pounds was saved
> ditching the AC. That is probably worth about .5 horsepower. The only
> advantage is you are removing some weight ahead of the front tires...Which
moves your
> weight distribution towards the rear...