[audi20v] is there any benefit to removing my AC?

Huw Powell audi@humanspeakers.com
Sat, 24 May 2003 23:47:44 -0400

> Well...I personally would consider a 70 lb reduction a considerable step in
> the right direction!  Assuming A)one never uses A/C, and B)one is
> ecologically friendly in disposing of any remaining freon , I think it is a
> modification worth considering!  ESPECIALLY since that weight is distributed
> in the nose of the car.

Another advantage: getting rid of stuff you're not using that is in the
way of working on other stuff.  (This thread assumes, of course, that AC
is not wanted.)

> I've heard that every 10 lbs is like a 1 hp gain, but I'm not sure the
> validity of that claim.

I would suspect that an analysis like that would require taking the hp
to weight ratio of the entire car into account.

EG, my '82 coupe, starting at 100 hp and a curb weight of roughly 2500
lbs. = 25 lbs per hp.

Knock off that figure mentioned of 70 lbs and it's 24.3 lbs/hp.

to get to 24.3 at 2500 pounds requires 102.88 hp.

IE, a "gain" of the weight removed divided by the stock weight/hp figure.

3 hp may not be much, but it is still 3 hp.  And it is FREE.  Actually,
is better than free.  By making he vehicle lighter to gain the virtual
horsepower, you also slighty improve fuel economy (*very* slightly!).

All these calculations ignore the comparison to the stock vehicle with
the AC turned "on", which of course also consumes power.  But for the
purposes of this thread that is irrelevant.

What I did was after giving up on the AC, I just removed bits of it
whenever it was convenient.  It's all gone now...

Huw Powell