[audi20v] is there any benefit to removing my AC?

Richard Hoffman billzcat1@hotmail.com
Sat, 24 May 2003 21:29:28 -0700

Good analysis!!
I (obviously) hadn't thought about it in-depth enough to really come up with
concrete figures
Using the same technique on a 90 CQ 20v , curb weight 3174, 164hp
 19.4 lbs/hp stock
remove 70 lbs
18.9 lb/hp
which equates to about 168 hp...so essentially it would feel (if one could
feel this difference) as if it had gained 4hp
Worth every penny of that mod!!

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> > Well...I personally would consider a 70 lb reduction a considerable step
> > the right direction!  Assuming A)one never uses A/C, and B)one is
> > ecologically friendly in disposing of any remaining freon , I think it
is a
> > modification worth considering!  ESPECIALLY since that weight is
> > in the nose of the car.
> Another advantage: getting rid of stuff you're not using that is in the
> way of working on other stuff.  (This thread assumes, of course, that AC
> is not wanted.)
> > I've heard that every 10 lbs is like a 1 hp gain, but I'm not sure the
> > validity of that claim.
> I would suspect that an analysis like that would require taking the hp
> to weight ratio of the entire car into account.
> EG, my '82 coupe, starting at 100 hp and a curb weight of roughly 2500
> lbs. = 25 lbs per hp.
> Knock off that figure mentioned of 70 lbs and it's 24.3 lbs/hp.
> to get to 24.3 at 2500 pounds requires 102.88 hp.
> IE, a "gain" of the weight removed divided by the stock weight/hp figure.
> 3 hp may not be much, but it is still 3 hp.  And it is FREE.  Actually,
> is better than free.  By making he vehicle lighter to gain the virtual
> horsepower, you also slighty improve fuel economy (*very* slightly!).
> All these calculations ignore the comparison to the stock vehicle with
> the AC turned "on", which of course also consumes power.  But for the
> purposes of this thread that is irrelevant.
> What I did was after giving up on the AC, I just removed bits of it
> whenever it was convenient.  It's all gone now...
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