Consumers Prefer Diesels Over Hybrids.

Michael Gough
Sun, 25 May 2003 15:45:19 -0700

Of course people would prefer a diesel over a hybrid...
Hybrids just don't have the tire melting torque like can be found in the new
TDI powered VWs.
I really hope more diesels start making it over here, until then I'll have
to stick with my 1980 Rabbit TD. I'd have one of the V6 or V8 TDIs from
Europe in the Quantum syncro if it weren't for the engine swap legality
problems.... Oh well, guess I'll just have to suffer with the 350hp 5
cylinder gasser getting 19/26MPG....which by the way I drove today!
I'll give an update on that in a day or two.
'88 QSW Turbo/EFI