[KB] KnowledgeBase beta testers wanted

Wes A Sroka wesso7@attbi.com
Sun, 25 May 2003 19:17:20 -0600

Beta testers of what?   What car knowledge should I posess??
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From: "Mark L. Chang" <mchang@ee.washington.edu>
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Subject: [KB] KnowledgeBase beta testers wanted

> The Audifans KnowledgeBase is coming along nicely, thanks to Huw, who is
> helping me out in the initial growing pains.
> I am looking for 3-5 volunteers that want to help the effort by becoming
> beta-testers, essentially. Read on if that interests you. I promise a
> full release coming shortly. I think once you see it, you'll understand
> why we're proceeding slowly.
> :: If you want to beta test ::
> What you will be doing:
>   1 helping to contribute to the articles that are there -- this is
>     numero uno
>   2 checking out what we've built so far, giving us lots of feedback
>   3 bug testing and proofreading (not so much)
> It would be nice if:
>   * you had a good knowledge of either a particular model of car, or a
>     particular repair group. Not absolutely necessary, but nice.
>   * you were willing to communicate via instant messenger for a few
>     days
>   * you can contribute some time (not much)
>   * you can contribute some articles (yes yes)
> If you are interested, please email ME, privately.
> Thanks,
> Mark
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