Lime Rock Park, tomorrow AM

Brett Dikeman
Sun, 25 May 2003 23:13:53 -0400

If you're attending the LRP Memorial Day races, stop by the NEQ
Corral early in the AM- 8 to 9 or so- unfortunately it's only for
hospitality tent pass-holders...but yours truly will be playing
"greeter".  Stop by, say hello!

Missed out on the Memorial Day event?  Well shucks, why not come to
our shindig at the Labor Day Vintage Festival/Races?  Details slowly
(re?)developing at:

Ticket prices have not been set, but will -probably- be close to last
year's prices($20 for Sunday+Monday admission, $15 for the dinner,
kids under 12 free for both).  I welcome informal "I'll come!"
emails(let me know how many people, and if you'd join us for
dinner)...rough numbers are VERY, VERY helpful when planning this

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