90 Coupe temp sensor wiring.

Leif Karlsson leif.karlsson@mbox332.swipnet.se
Mon, 26 May 2003 20:55:20 +0200

90, Audi Coupe (NG engine).

Removed the rubber that covers the connector on the temp. sensor at the
bottom of the radiator hose flange today: 2 of 4 wires was lose dune to
extensive corrosion. My question is: How are they supposed to be
connected (in particular, the blue/braun and the blue/black one)? There
are three pins on the sensor so I guess two of the wires should go to
the same pin?

Also it would be interesting to know what exact function this sensor
have, is it connected to the ignition / fuel system or just the temp.
gauge at the instrumentation in the car?

Best Regards,