seeking list knowledge - auto electrical
Tue, 27 May 2003 12:50:01 -0400

Test the battery with a load tester.  Sounds like the battery has a bad
cell.  The place that sold him the battery should have a tester, or it's
a good excuse to buy one (the wire resistance type is only around $50 for
a good one).  Having a tester is nice because it can either finger or
eliminate the battery when there's a problem, and you can identify
problematic batteries before they leave you stranded on the coldest night
of the year in the middle of nowhere...


"Livolsi, Stephane" <> writes:

> Voltage at the battery (car off) is about 10.5
> Voltage at the battery (car running) is a steady 14.3
> Shut the car off and voltage drops right to 12.5 and then starts
> dropping at
> about 1 volt every 2 secs til it gets to about 10.5
> Shut the car off, disconnect the battery and voltage shows steady
> 12.5

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