Diesels Bio-Diesel.

George Harris harchris@smokesignal.net
Tue, 27 May 2003 13:37:26 -0400

Ed Birch wrote:
>>AFAIK Bio Diesel is recommended in Europe for the older type Diesel
>>engines.  Talking to some Germans about pouring Bio Diesel in a 2001
>>common-rail MB car - they said they wouldn't do it - litterally, "the pump
>>is too expensive".......
>>From what I've read and heard water contamination in Bio-Diesel fuel is the
> problem.
> Diesel engines can burn damn near anything but water.

All the diesel engines I have run and maintained have had filters with
canisters with a drain on the bottom for the express purpose of draining
the water out. This is a problem with diesel fuel as well, but it may be
more of a problem with bio-diesel.

Currently I am running a mix of 25/75 diesel/veggie oil (not bio-diesel
which would be thinner) and the pump is doing fine. Of course the MB
pump may not be as strong as the TD Jetta's is ;-)