friend's electrical problem solved

Livolsi, Stephane
Tue, 27 May 2003 15:58:55 -0500

systematic diagnosis paid off.

Thanks to input from listers (you know who you are) we found the problem...

and it was.....


Seriously though, he took the battery in to get tested and sure enough it
had a dead cell.  3 week old Motomaster Eliminator battery.  I have the same
thing in my car and has been working well for about a year now.  These have
a 3 year non-pro-rated replacement warranty, followed by another 5 years or
so of pro-rated warranty.  Not bad for $100.  That warranty was a big factor
in my decision to get it. I already am on a free warranty replacement
battery.  One caveat though, is that if you go 2 years into your original
purchase, then get a warranty replacement, they only give you the remaining
1 year free replacement.  You don't get another 3 years.

I still think the current draw of .14 amps is high, and I told him so.

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> Sounds like he has a large current draw.  Disconnect a battery cable and
> put
> a test light between it and the stud on the battery.  With 14 amps it
> should
> light up nicely.  Then, try disconnecting the suspect systems fuses, one
> by
> one, until you isolate the system.  This can be tricky, because sometimes
> there
> are a few.  You should be able to find the problem.  At rest, there
> shouldn't
> be much drawing from that battery, only memory circuits and clocks.
> Hope this helps!
> Craig
> 98 A4 Biturbo Quattro