Diesels Bio-Diesel.

tihol_tiholov@sd27.bc.ca tihol_tiholov@sd27.bc.ca
Tue, 27 May 2003 14:12:45 -0700

Brett said:
>Since the subject line was changed and you didn't cc the original
>writer, I have no idea who wrote that, but it's exactly the opposite
>of the truth.

I wrote this:
> AFAIK Bio Diesel is recommended in Europe for the older type >Diesel
engines.  Talking to some Germans about pouring Bio Diesel >in a 2001
common-rail MB car - they said they wouldn't do it - litterally, >"the pump
is too expensive"...

and it happened at a fuel station (outside Nuremeberg, if it matters) with
a MB 170 CDI.  Another time at another fuel station also in Germany (close
to the Swiss border) with a MB 220 CDI, 1999 or 2000 MY,  I was again
advised not to put Bio Diesel in.

>BD is used in 1-2% or stronger blends to improve the lubricity of
>low-sulfur diesel fuel, and to keep diesel components clean.

Your comments make me think that we might be talking about different things
with the same name.  The Bio Diesel I've seen was offered at the pump like
any other fuel with no mention of concentration.