regarding lack of power above 3k rpm, MC-1 engine

Michael S. Williams
Tue, 27 May 2003 16:33:36 -0700

At 7:17 PM -0400 5/27/03, Eric wrote:
>Are you sure on your cam timing?  This can cause backfiring even
>just a few teeth off.  I suggest the cam because I have done it

im almost 100% positive i have it completely correct... the little
hash mark lines up EXACTLY with the top of the gasket for the valve
cover, the 0 on the flywheel is looks like "(" as it it perfectly
lined up w/ the marker on the bell housing as the bently states to
do, and the distributor is spot on.

now, i did try moving it a tooth counter-clockwise, which should be
retarding it, correct?  i did not, however, try advancing it a
tooth... but if i advanced it a tooth, then that would put the mark
on the cam gear way further down compared to where it is supposed to

i guess i could try advancing it a tooth and see if that helps at
all... i'll go do that now, and report back..

>Is the cam one you have any history on?  I had the lobes on an
>aftermarket solid lifter GTI cam get wiped off on a drive home from
>work and the car would not rev over about 3500 rpm even if floored
>in neutral.  After tons of troubleshooting I changed to a new copy
>of the same cam and it still turns 8000 rpm to this day.

yeah, its the same cam i pulled out of the old head...  it's a stock
5ktq cam...

it's not that it wont go above 3500 rpm, its that the power totally
shuts down above about that point... it's like im short about 70hp...

now, i have not adjusted the mixture, though... there is actually a
plug on the mixture screw, it seems,and i dont have a multimeter that
could help me anyway... <sigh>... but, could a mixture adjustment
cause these particular symptoms? im less worried about the idle as i
am about the lack of power...

>Good luck.

thanks :)

and lemme know if you have any other info...

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