regarding lack of power...slight update pt. 2

Michael S. Williams
Tue, 27 May 2003 21:24:29 -0700

ok... just took it for a drive, again....

this time, it is night, and about 15-20 degrees cooler outside than
it was earlier today....

at first, pretty much the same... then, in 2nd gear, i went ahead and
gave it WOT and let it go to redline... it flattened, still, at
3000rpm or so, but then it started pulling a bit harder over about
5000... hmmm....

so, then i tried part throttle... totally flat... so, im thinkin'
that the enrichment of WOT helps the ignition system not retard due
to least not quite as much, that, in combination with the
cooler air....

the more i drove, the smoother it was getting... but still, part
throttle is so flat, and wot still isnt what it should be... it's
closer, but still way down... oh, and wasnt backfiring,and i wasnt
really noticing any 'misses'...

oh, and i checked the plug wires for 'leakage'... and didnt notice
anything out of the ordinary...

so, my bet is that the idle mixture is off,which would probably throw
the mixture off all the way through the rev range... especially given
the fact that the head is ported and polished... sothat means more
air at the same setting...

i also noticed that the coolant got warm at a quicker pace than i
remember... it might have to do withthe 87 degree thermostat that i
just installed (used to be 80), but i dont think so... maybe that
extra heat is coming from it running lean?

im not hearing any pinging or anything like that, so it doesnt seem
like it's TOOOO off... but i dunno...

it's frustrating that that damn plug is on the metering head, cause
that means that i cant adjust the mixture... <sigh>

anyone have any feedback from this bit of info?

again, tia...

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