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cobram@juno.com cobram@juno.com
Wed, 28 May 2003 03:33:52 -0400

You NEVER answer my responses to your emails, and now I get this gem from
you?  Man, you have some sort of psychological block on this, don't you?
I really enjoy getting your highly insulting emails to posts that are
usually months old.  I can't believe you actually responded to this one
within a week!  That's a record for you.

In you've already changed your booster, my booster lasted a few years
longer than yours, even though I was running that evil DTE fluid.  HA.
One could conclude that the last 5 or so years of DTE in the ole 5KS is
responsible for the extra longevity.  And gee, guess what, my 5K pump is
the same one that came from the factory, I've had to reseal it because of
leaking Orings....but that was in the good ole Pentosin days....hasn't
leaked or shown any signs of problems yet.  Same goes for the bomb and
every thing else in the system.  Well, you might be comforted by just
chalking this up to some fluke, because it definitely doesn't jive with
your worship of the Audi gods of engineering.

Everybody gets an eraser with their pencil, even the ubber engineers.  My
personal feeling is that they should have dumped this overly complicated,
expensive hydraulic setup after the first year, but then again, I, a mere
mortal, shouldn't be thinking treasonous thoughts like this.

I had PENTOSIN 7.X and 11S leaks on ALL, ALL repeat ALL type 44's I've
ever owned or bought.  There are daily posts to the list about hydraulic
leaks, lines leak, the bomb goes, pumps go....on and on and on and on
with gasp, Pentosin Audi Approved Fluid in the car.  Using your logic,
the stuff recommended by the factory SUCKS and should not be used either,
since it seems to fail so often.

Well, my booster is indeed stock....so, going by your experience,  it
would have leaked ANYWAY, DTE or no DTE.  It's been more than 7 years
running DTE in my 2 V8Q's, 200TQA, 84 5KS and a Mercedes or two and my
hydraulic problems have actually, gasp,  DECREASED!

I guess when users like, huhuh, droooling not as book learnin smart as
dem dar enginear fellers, people like me upgrade my headlights, and run
BETTER wires, well, we musta be reeeeely stooopid, because that's not
what dem fellers in Iginlonostat call for.  I dun fixxed my own Bose amps
by replacin $5 worth o parts....MAN is I stoopid, I coulda done and gone
just like AUDI tells me to, da dealer and spended $1000 instead.
Stooopid me!!  I dun fixered my speedo-meter thingy (genius's the
engineers that came up with this little gem) by a changin a $15 chip,
instead o replacin the whole cluster, as them dar Audi Engineers dun tole
me to do....dooogh....stoopid me.

You want to know how really dumb I is??  I completely IGNORED, yes
IGNORED, the 20+hour procedure for replacing the ignition lock in V8Q #2,
and dun figgered out how to do it in about an hour, man am I stupid for
not following the procedure those gods of engineering put forth for me to
do in the holy tome, the repair manual.  I, a mere mortal found a better
way to do it.

And now, instead of being all smart and stuff like you was an spendin
$400, I isa gonna buy one from a fellow lister who offered'd me one for
$35 delivered to my door.  I do hope I cans remember my address to giv da
feller, will have to filler up one of dem thar charge of adres papers
should I be a movin the trailer.  Yup, you is a smart one boy, I bet you
done gradiated right along with Jethro Bodine.  You should always be a
do'in what them dar German fellers order you to, I hear you can just tell
people you were only following orders if anything goes wrong.

Owners who maintain, read up on, experiment and live with their cars day
to day, especially those that do it over decades of ownership, DARE I
say, sometimes, no-MOST of the time know their machines better than the
people who actually built it or engineered it.  We definitely know more
than 99% of the dealer techs do..."yeah, I know it's a V8, but WHAT kind
of Audi is it??"

Working in the supply field, component and unit performance in the field
NEVER goes as projected.  Just look at the size of the TSB and recall
list of any manufacturer.

Please, please, keep your word when it comes to your ending statement.  I
look forward to hearing from you about as much as changing the blower
motor or exhaust manifold on a type 44.

Putting this on the main list, I'm sure I'm not the only one you like to
insult, this way you can save some time.

BCNU(not if I can help it),

"EPIFORM" <EPIFORM@msn.com> writes:
> Nope, there's no commercially available rebuild kit for the booster.
>  The new
> aluminum ATE booster I happily bought for my 84 5k was only $367.00
> which
> I spent since the original unit made it 17 years.  (on a strict diet
> of only
> Pentosin 7.1)(I still have friends in the industry, I never mention
> Audifans
> because the price goes up if I do)
> www.griffiths.com might still be able to rebuild your iron monster
> for you
> for a little less.  One of these days you'll realize that the
> increased viscosity
> of the DTE-13 at lower temperatures (like at startup) is what blows
> the damn
> seals out in the booster, the rack, and the pump in the first place,
> but until
> then, . . . keep saving money on the that cheaper fluid and ignore
> the leaks.
> (and the consequential damage they do)  Of course, the lack of
> extreme
> pressure wear agents in the DTE-13 fluid which can't stand up to the
> 2250 psi pressures in the central hydraulic piston pump and
> regularly
> wears it out  prematurely also (saving you mega dollars) is an added
> bonus.
> The "morons" at Audi and ZF know nothing about the above which had
> no
> bearing on their factory fluid recommendations which certain
> Audifans
> promptly ignore.  Oh, I forgot to mention, the central hydraulic
> pump in my
> 84 5000S which was replaced as a factory warranty issue in 1986 with
> a
> factory rebuilt ZF pump, still works perfectly, doesn't leak, and,
> meets all the
> pressure specs. (on a strict diet of only Pentosin 7.1)  Hummmm.
> Almost
> like Audi knew what they were talking about!!!  Granted, I did
> replace all
> the seals once.
> You guys go ahead without me on the next DTE-13 group buy.  The
> guys
> who sell pumps, racks, hoses, and, boosters all thank you in
> advance!  All
> that money you're saving must really add up fast!
> Hey Jim, (all seriousness aside) why don't you just do what Audi
> tells
> you to do and see what happens?  I've done that for 22 years.
> Every
> time I ignore what Audi says, it costs me far more than if I would
> have
> just listened in the first place.  Watch.  OK, OK!!!
> Aaauuurrrrggghhh,
> stop twisting my arm, I admit it, I don't know more about the cars
> Audi
> designs and builds  than they do.    There, . . . . that wasn't that
> hard!
> When an official Audi factory repair manual writes over 10 times as
> a bold  print boxed in warning statement, "only use G002 000 in the
> central hydraulic system," you must have a serious brain deficiency
> if you ignore it!
> Uwon'tBCNME
> Tom Chudzinski
> (leak free hydraulic system)

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