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Fri, 30 May 2003 14:58:38 +0000

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We got this service for free, and I would feel very uncomfortable to say

The only thing that I believe we need to do is help the poor souls that make
this happen.

I have no direct experience, but with somebody that can design the list
t-shirt on hand, we could create a series of stuff to sell (cups, mugs,
sweatshirts, hats).

I know some self sponsored rally teams that have this line of products
available through a third party, on what seems to be an on demand basis.

If they can, our list can too.

This seems to involve little work from the already overworking list masters.

If the list masters want, I'll  be glad to talk with these teams and figure
out how it works.

Let me know off list,

>From: "Shaun D. Mullen"
>Subject: the list
>Date: Fri, 30 May 2003 09:00:56 -0400
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>This is precisely the kind of message might piss off well meaning people
>like Brett and Dan. That is not my intention, but I cannot resist
>making an observation:
>I left the q-list two years ago because I was unable to handle the email
>traffic. It took weeks to unsubscribe, apparently because of
>inadequacies in the list server software. Dan finally had to manually
>delist me. Kind of like rolling your old Audi Fox down a hill and
>popping it into second gear to try to start it.
>I rejoined the list a few days ago. After signing onto the q-list and
>being given a confirmation number, I was further dismayed when my
>automatic e-mail reply was rejected because of an allegedly invalid
>confirmation number -- the very number I had been assigned. Kind of
>like rolling your old Fox down a hill and popping it into second gear to
>try to start it, but it doesn't want to start and you have to push it
>back up the hill.
>And so after three days on the list, there already have been two
>blackouts of some duration. Times change, but the q-list it seems to
>still be caught in old Fox limbo. Do I really care that it is? No,
>because the reparte and exchange of information is much more important
>than the technical gliches. But would anyone like to explain why we're
>Foxing and not A8ing? And is there something we can do as a group,
>whether passing the hat or whatever, to get the list out of the last
>-- Shaun Mullen
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