List Code acronyms.

Nate Stuart
Fri, 30 May 2003 15:58:06 -0400 (EDT)

Suffolk GameServer LAN said:
> I'll admit it:
> Between YMMW and some others I can't sit silent anymore.
> I can decipher:
> (now my personal favorite) BFH Big F'n Hammer
> FWIW For What its worth
> WRT With regards to
> IC Instrument Cluster or Intercooler
> FLAPS Friendly Local Auto Parts Store
> and maybe Bernie will tell me T is Techron
> but can someone clue me into to what YMMV means?
> is it close to YRMV Your results might vary
> -TIA (thanks in advance) - Scott in BOSTON

There is a concise listing of the audinyms floating around on the net. But
here are some of the most common:

BTDT - Been There Done That
IMO/IMHO - In My (Humble) Opinion
YMMV - Your Milleage May Vary

T - Turbo
Q - Quattro
k - x1000 5k = 5000
c - x100 2c = 200
v - valve
Put those last few together= I have some BTDT with my 4kq, I did an engine
swap from a 200q20vt, now my car is the best IMO, but YMMV.

CGT - Coupe GT
CQ - 90-91 Coupe quatto
UrQ - Original mother to all quattros, turbo charged coupe, from 80-early
IC - Instrument Cluster/Intercooler, depending on context
TB - Throttle Body
MM hose - Michelin man hose, found between the TB and IC of many T cars.
CC - Climate Control / Cruise Control

Thats just a sample, I'm sure others will provide you with the full list.
'89 90tq