Tough times

Tony Lum
Fri, 30 May 2003 13:46:23 -0700

Hi guys,

The lousy economy has finally landed on my front door.  Not me personally,
but my mechanic, Paul Schenk of German Motorsports has told me he's closing
his shop in about a month.  Paul's worked on every one of my Audis and I
consider him a good friend.  An expert Porsche and Audi mechanic, he
usually did all the heavy duty mechanical stuff like clutches and
suspensions which allowed me to concentrate on the electrical/electronic
stuff.  I also chipped quite a few ecu's for him since I have access to
eprom burners and fixed stuff like the erratic speedos in T44 cars.

He rescued my original Audi, a T43 5000S from the scrap heap when I
replaced the head.  The original cracked in #4 allowing coolant into the
combustion chamber.  I took apart the fuel injection system and then I got
busy at work for about 10 years (!) while the 5KS sat in my driveway,
driving a adnoH during that time (what was I thinking!).   Paul's shop was
just several miles from my office so I called him and had the 5KS  towed
over there.  I told him to check it over and tell me whether it was worth
saving or to junk it.  He calls me a week later to come over and he turns
it over and starts it!  That started my fleet of Audis.  First a 4kq, then
the 5kcstq, the 87.5 Coupe GT and finally the urquattro.  Not to mention my
Mom's 100 Avant.

He always did great work and allowed me to supply the parts which I could
often get for less than he could.  He's currently swapping the rear diff
(thanks Chris) in my urq.  His shop was just down the block from my office
and I could always just walk down there and BS for a while when I needed a
work break.  I'm going to miss him.