Tough times

Benjamin Weste Pearre
Fri, 30 May 2003 18:41:52 -0600

I just wandered down to my mechanic in Boulder, to set up an
appointment for the trouble I've been having starting the engine.  The
first appointment he could give me was June 9.  He is, as always, up
to his ears in Audi=VW work.

If your mechanic would like to keep working, tell him to get his butt
to Boulder -- just driving around looking for an apartment today I
think I saw about 50 Audis, including at least 6 Allroads and a couple
of Ss.  Boulder is, I believe, the Audi capital of the US.  I even had
to talk to one lady who pulled up in an A6 avant right between another
A6 avant and an A4 avant (they turned out not to be all hers).
There's another Allroad and another 200 avant in my very apartment
complex of 12 units, and another 2 200 avants on my 15-minute walk to
school!  Space constraints prohibit me from mentioning all the sedans!
And not all the Audis are new -- a good VAG mechanic will never

And Boulder doesn't suck as a place to live, either, if you can evade
the noisy and stupid half of the undergraduate population.

Quick poll: how many listers live near here?  I haven't seen any Qlist
window stickers yet...


Ben Pearre          1990 200TQA