[marketplace] the fued is over

Mark L. Chang mchang@ee.washington.edu
Sun, 1 Jun 2003 19:36:05 -0700

Or, so it is written, so it shall be. In the guidelines, it states that
I reserve the right to reject whatever. It also states that this system
is for *ads*. Thus, the two 'ads', one from MJ and one from Ryan, have
been deleted. Not because of the former reason, but the latter -- they
weren't ads.

I will not squelch their freedom to write about the injustices they have
subjected each other to, but I aim to be clear that the Audifans
Marketplace is just that, a Marketplace. It doesn't say "Audifans
Marketplace, Where You Can Read All About A Fued Between Folks". So,
Ryan, MJ, please, continue your debate. Vive la Freedom. Just do it in
an appropriate forum.

On a very related note, I aim to say clearly that I will NOT ban people
from the Marketplace. The Marketplace has served *thousands* of ads,
mostly without incident. I think that's a pretty good track record.

I will not trample on anyone's rights to try and sell something Audi-related
here just because an allegation is made by another user. As with everything,
there is a Buyer Beware. We do not make any sort of claims as to the validity
of any ads, sellers, or buyers. Do your research, check with list members if
you need a "vouch" for someone. Get it inspected by a local lister. Do
*something*. Inform us if there is a problem so people can make their *own*
judgments about the (un)trustworthiness of an individual.

For the record, here are the last two postings by MJ and Ryan. I thought
that I'd put them here, for the archives, to show that I'm not trying to
erase the debate, but rather, move it to a more appropriate forum.


-- begin ads --

RYAN (ryanfinn@excite.com) June 1:

in some of MJ's last attempt's to sell parts, he's desperate to defend his
fraudulent activities - to not buy from "MJ" he is a fraud. Beware of him on
Ebay as well.  ___________ It is fascinating but not unusual that MR. MJ/ Matt,
Mattia, Jones or whatever your name is has left out some important facts. Just
recently I've heard even more stories of fraud in transactions involving MJ.
Specifically a bumper you sent, to Milwaukee WI that was not wrapped and came
shattered and useless. You are a crook my friend, and I am relentless in my
manner because I know how you deal with people. Just look at the manner you
refer to people in your response to this post about you! I personally know Doug
Van Auken and you should be ashamed of yourself for refering to people in such
a manner. No one here cares about your personal business and furthermore your
excuses. You didn't sell me the cold start valve. You don't even know who this
is- Well I've got news for you- I'll be heading to the east coast in the next
3-4 weeks and for your sake don't be home or available. Take my advice and
settle all your bad debts, and do not attempt to sell any more parts. If you
don't take heed to this advice you have my word I'll put a stop to this.
--------------------------- Please be forewarned that " MJ" Mattia and James
Brennan of Malvern, PA / Valley Forge / PA have been scamming people in the
Audi community for their money after they've paid for the parts. I've paid a
considerable amount of money for a part which I never received nor have been
refunded for. I've only been antagonized and offered many excuses. I was
prompted to post this here after I talked to another member of Audifans
yesterday who told me a similar incident has happened with him. He is currently
seeking legal assistance. Please be forewarned, or if you've had any problems
with either of these people please email me at this address:
ryanfinn@excite.com - FYI- I don't dial 911, and I'm very very upset.  Account
#1: I had dealt M.J. and had purchased the g60 calipers, rotor and pads off his
coupe. I made an offer on the parts and he agreed only to change the price
after I had sent him the money order. I later found out the rotors are a
diferent offset for the 90 sedan and I still have an email stating that he
would refund my $ if I was not satisfied.  I cannot use the rotors and he will
not take anything back and on top of that he is still threatening to get more $
out of me. Lets just say hes lucky I am in CA. Account #2: funny you say this.
I was told by him that the car was to be towed away by a certain date and that
I could take what ever was left for free. I proceeded to pull an item off and
went home.. A few days later he called and suggested I owed a fair amount of
money. I reminded him that he said take what you want, which he denied. I then
asked for his address so that I could send it back. He later suggested a small
amount for the part which to avoid any more bs I paid him. Sounds like he is a
little loose with reality.  Good Luck Account #3: Interesting situation you are
faced with. For some reason I was uncomfortable with MJ, a little pestering and
he finally sent the Audi Quattro Coupe ******** that I had paid for !! Account
#4: I bought some parts off MJ this winter. They took forever to get here, and
he had excuse after excuse about snow and cold (it did snow a lot). The parts
did finally arrive, so I thought no more of it. The parts were in OK condition.
The scammers addresses are: MJ Mattia 402 Penn's Lane Malvern, PA 19355 James
Brennan 1062 Jonathan Drive Malvern, PA 19355 More to come-

MJ (mjones315@msn.com) May 30:

I'm sorry folks, but i have to defend myself after reading that. i sold a cold
start valve to the composer of the ad. i sent him a good used one (as opposed
to the new one i advertised that was on a car) and offered a partial refund.
before i got a chance to do anything, he filed a complaint with paypal,
shutting down my account to this day. i couldn't pay him because my account was
on hold. this shut down my entire online activity and caused me to rescind my
descision to refund his $40. this person also negatively affected my ability to
sell this stuff to others, so i feel no obligations to owe him anything (1) the
person (Ken Boston) i sold the brakes to: i asked him for a second payment
after i discovered the true value of the parts he was buying. i offered to send
his original payment back and call off the deal if he didn't agree. he agreed
to send the second payment and i sent the parts to him on good faith, never to
be heard from again.  this was in november. last i heard from him 3-4 months
ago, he offered to send the $75-$ 100 he owed me. i never heard anything from
him again until now. (2) Doug Van Auken contacted me repeatedly about an air
box part under the dash. he sat on my cell phone yapping, wasting my minutes
when i really didn't have time to talk but was nice enough to entertain his
banter. i was just about to go under the knife for surgery and didn't have the
time to negotiate. i gave him directions to the car and said take what ever you
need and we'll settle up later. once again on good faith. he went to the car,
pulled some stuff and never contacted me again. a few weeks after surgery, i
attempted to contact him with no response. i priced the stuff he took and gave
him a more than fair price to compensate me. he finally paid me a week later,
no problem. (3) not sure about who this is, but yes, it takes time to pull
stuff off a car and send it when you have a busy schedule and are not a
mechanic with tools and a lift. customers were always updated with progress
reports. (4) the car was outside and buried under feet of snow and ice. this
was the worst winter we've had in 10 years. give me a freakin' break, i kept
everyone updated the best i could. any more accounts i will gladly address. i
am not saying that i handled all situations perfectly. i am new to the parts
arena and had no idea what the stuff was worth. in the beginning i felt i was
being taken advantage of because of this. the first guy from lancaster came
down and took about $1000 worth of stuff and gave me $400. i made the huge
mistake of selling the parts before i actually had them off the car. someone
from audifans also stole the entire set of relays from under the dash. if you
want new parts right away, go to the dealer. if you want good used stuff for
much less $, you take on some risks. caveat emptor. these are a few bad
examples. how about all of the many people i sold stuff to and everything went
fine? there are tenfold as many of these cases to be considered. I JUST

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