Extreme Coupi quattro

JShadzi@aol.com JShadzi@aol.com
Mon, 02 Jun 2003 13:23:34 -0400

Ya, looks pretty good, very modified for a 10v, good to see.

Those look like BMW coils (or about any other car from the mid-90's), or ju=
st about anything else.  034 Stage IIc (with Direct fire ignition) will pre=
tty much work with any coil you like.  I assume he's running the AAN ECU?

I was a little surprised on the IM though, the real weakness of these manif=
olds are the long narrow runners, I would have gotten rid of the runner (sh=
orter, bigger ala 3B/RS2), I don't think the plenum volume is as much of an=
 issue.  I'll probably extrude hone my IM when I have the motor apart this =
summer, should pick up some more flow that way.

>--- Knut Arne Glesne <kaglesne@hotmail.com> wrote:
>> Vigen Racing in Norway have updated their '85 Coup=E9
>> quattro again!
>> Before this update, the 10v turbo engine produced
>> 502,6 hp / 610 Nm. Now
>> there's a NOS-system installed, and the rev limiter
>> is moved up to 7400
>> rpm.
>> At Vigen Racing's website (http://vigenracing.com)
>> you can watch some
>> pics of this monster (the text is in Norwegian, but
>> click the
>> "Bilder"-button on top of the page, and then "Gamle
>> Bilder Audi'n!" for
>> old pictures or "Nye bilder av Audi'n!" for the new
>> ones with NOS and
>> bodykit...
>That's a nice engine bay, =A0Hmm, looks like a good goal
>for stage 4. =A0NOS, Direct Ignition, new IM, Sweet.
>Anyone recognise those coils?
>I think this is just the bottom of a 4k IM. =A0Looks
>looks a good starting point.
>Jim Green
>'89 90tq
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