Worn cam jornal

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In a few heads (NA and turbo) I've pulled drill burrs/chips out of that, an=
d only that, rear hole.

Such burrs could cause maybe one of two problems:
--Reduced oil flow causes bearing (cam or head) wear
--Oil pressure pushes the burrs against the cam, and the burrs cut the bear=
ing (cam only)

Note that the factory cams in these 100k+ heads showed no wear on any journ=
al, even with the burrs.

Naturally, YMMV.

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Jim, these get pretty buggered up over the years, I think you'll be ok, I w=
ouldn't worry about it unless you actually notice a problem.


>The responses I've seen up to now say the head is not repairable. I don't =
know for sure, I just read that the cam journals are line bored, and not "r=
>Funny thing, I found the same thing when I put a big valve cam in my car (=
URQ WX). The rear most cam journal was grooved and worrisome. I smothed it =
out with various pads, and put it together, thinking what have I got to los=
e=2E So far no problem, but I don't think I would take the car cross countr=
>Anyone else found this?