MAC-07 wiring question

Tue, 03 Jun 2003 21:04:42 -0400

I was working on the wiring portion of my 4kq turbo conversion project
and I ran into something odd.  First my Bentley manual sayes pin 5 of
the ECU has no connection, but mine does... for about 2 inches.  The
wire is brown with black stripes.  It is cut, but continues into the
wiring harness.  I can not find where it comes out at any of the
connectors, but I did not want to rip the harness apart to figure it
out.  I have never seen the car that it came out of, but I understand it
to be a 85 5000 turbo with an automatic.

I looked through the archive and saw something about a possible factory
cut wire to limit boost with automatic transmissions on KH cars.  Any

Thanks in advance