Type 89 Short Shift Kit

JShadzi@aol.com JShadzi@aol.com
Tue, 3 Jun 2003 22:50:52 EDT

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Hello all, I recently installed the 80tq a "short shift kit" offered by a few
here and there over the internet.  It basically includes an new "ball
assembly" bracket from an older VW, the result gives a much shorter throw, and
majorly reduces the slop.  Over all effect is really nice, the shifter is snappy and
crisp.  Granted my stock assy. was pretty shot, but I'm very happy with the
feel of the new shifter, honestly its tough to believe its an Audi, feels more
like a Bimmer shifter or 944.

I got my kit from Alex at Europrice and I've also seen them offered on ebay
as well.

Anyhoo, no affiliations, just very happy with the result, if you have a T89 I
totally recommend it.