car radio

no1of consequence
Wed, 04 Jun 2003 04:41:40 +0000


i vote for the nak mb7 - indash tuner w/ single din 6 disc changer [slot
load]. its REALLY nice. ive seen them new on ebay for about 400$. clean, oem
look, solid features, great sound, and SUPER slick single din changer
mechanism that supposedly is very reliable. bwm uses it as a factory
glovebox changer as its also available as a changer-only.

only downsides are $$$$, low pre-out level [about 2v] and only 4 preouts. im
spoiled by the 6-ch outs w/separtate sub level control in my kenwood. its
nice to compensate for bass heavy/light recordings.

i currently have a ps-series kenwood [919  think]  its getting on 5 years
old now and never a problem. still doesnt skip!


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