Le Mans 2003

BenediktRochow@oaktech.com BenediktRochow@oaktech.com
Wed, 4 Jun 2003 09:01:20 -0400

>Also you HAVE to see the pic I put up on the main page of
>http://www.audisport.com that I just got from Audi, its awesome! I have
>a higher res shot of it if anyone wants it.

Actually, what you're loading when you look at the page is a decent
800x529 picture, but the page code has it downsized to a non-integral
fraction smaller size, which (on Netscape at least) looks fairly ugly.
But doing a "view picture" on it shows you the nice full size without
further download.

I keep seeing this sort of thing, where after much loading there's a small
ugly picture, which turns out to be large but displayed downsized - what
web page editor is it that does this while making the user think the
picture is actually reduced in size (and filesize)?